Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fun things to do in SW:TOR

So, previous readers will recall that I had mixed feelings about the release of TOR. I'm a big Star Wars nerd, and I absolutely loved the Knights of the Old Republic games, but I'm a curmudgeon and I hate MMOs. I think they sacrifice story, the presence of other players is distracting, and I just get bored of the whole fetch-quest kind of thing that all MMOs seem to do.

In spite of this all I did in fact buy TOR. So far, I'm enjoying it although I haven't played too much so my opinion may change. However, there are enough people talking about the games strengths, weaknesses, blah blah blah. Another blog talking about that isn't fun. So instead, I shall start a series called “fun things to do in SW:TOR” that has nothing to do with what you're supposed to do.


Gently troll. Go to a planet under your own level, for people much weaker than you with monster much weaker than you. Follow somebody around. Let them get into scrapes that are really tough. Sit back. Then periodically, just kill everything in the area with one click. Make them feel weak and puny. Passive aggressive? Yes. Hilarious? Also yes.

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