Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Revival!


I have to stop taking these unannounced, super long hiatuses. Sorry guys, I feel like I need to give heads up when I take off for a while. I'm just a big flake, and I'm easily overwhelmed.

Happy New Years, everyone! Enjoy it while it lasts. If the Mayans were right, we'll all be dead soon. But they're probably not, because they couldn't even see the Spanish coming, sooo....

How's everyone doing for their "new years resolutions?" I put it in quotation marks because it's well known that these resolutions are a joke. Nobody sticks with them. They're often forgotten within a month.

I propose a new tradition! A race, to see who can abandon their resolution the fastest, and with the greatest intensity. It might look a little something like this.



  1. I abandoned finding something to make a resolution out of on dec 31st, guess I win.

  2. I didn't even make resolutions, do I win?

  3. I've actually stuck to my resolution to be fitter :D