Friday, May 13, 2011

Chess Games

I take chess way too seriously. I'm not even really that good at it, but I enjoy it thoroughly. Though it can get a little stale - it's a pretty slow, stuffy game. That's why I absolutely love PC chess games. My all time favourite was Battle Chess. It was a game where you could play against your friends or the PC (various difficulty levels) and the game was animated in 3D, with each piece being a character with unique battle animations versus the other pieces. It was really violent, and really funny. For example, Rook takes Queen...

Another great thing about the game was that it had fantastic music. The background music would change depending on how you were doing, and each piece had its own theme music whenever it moved - PLUS the music would be different per team, so your Knight would have different music than an enemy knight. Basically it was solid all around.

It even had a fully voice-acted tutorial feature, where each piece would come forward and teach you how to play the game.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that THERE'S a NEW battle chess coming out! I read about it on Joystiq. There wasn't too much info, just a few screens and the fact that it's apparently coming out this summer. So, I'm damn excited. I need to get back into form, so I can start taking Chess way too seriously. It's game time!


  1. I'm so terrible at Chess it's not even funny. :/

  2. Im a chess player too! gonna check this out.

  3. hahaha I love chess aswell :D
    But that game... I do not think the animations are quick enough for me... (I like my games fast)

  4. Ahh I remember battle chess, it was good!

  5. Fuck, I used to play battle chess on my Amiga 500, Your right it was really violent, really funny and REALLY fucking slow...great game tho'.
    Will defo check it out if they make a new one.

  6. I used to play Battle Chess all the time, such an awesome game. Thanks for posting, I totally forgot about it. I'm gonna have to go find it now!