Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The most important issue of all...

Following an earlier post I made when things were first heating up in Egypt a couple of months ago, I thought it might be consistent of me to make a post about the killing of Bin Laden and my thoughts on that. But honestly, I think we've all heard enough about that, so I won't.

Then I decided, well, Canada is wrapping up a federal election which saw some big changes, so maybe that's worth a post? But no, that's not really that interesting or important either.

Instead, I will write on an issue that far eclipses these two: there are ants in my fucking apartment. Now normally, I find ants totally unobjectionable. I don't think they're gross to look at, like other bugs, and there's really no risk that you're going to be surprised by an ant in bed or anything, since they usually stick to their colonies or if not, they're on a mission for food and not dicking around in your bedroom. But these guys were making an anthill in my bathroom, using bits of cement and mortar they scraped up from in between the floor tiles. And that is just not cool.

So, the battle is on. Step one was to flush hot water down the cracks that I see them in. That'll kill a whole bunch - maybe even halt their progress - but I don't think it'll kill the whole colony. I should also mention that I'm in a clean, sixth floor apartment, so the mere fact that they're here is totally shocking. Anyone have experience with this sort of thing? Any good pest control brands or products I should know about?


  1. Hmm some ant species are awfully good at living in human environments, such as your apartment. Good luck!

  2. Step 1. Acquire a flamethrower
    Step 2. Burn it all down
    Step 3. Acquire insurance monies
    Step 4. ?????
    Step 5. Party

  3. Buy cans of Raid and go to town. Good luck!

  4. Get some spiders and centipedes

  5. the battle is lost, you will never get rid of that pest.

  6. I have no idea man, but best of luck to you

  7. well if the problem isn't already solved i would suggest rice. however i deal with larger ants and usually rice gets rid of them. however in your case things are certainly interesting (what the fuck the 6th floor!?!)