Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Dangers of Beautiful Days

Even more followers! This is so awesome. Thanks guys. I hope my excellent MS Paint skills are benefiting you. Perhaps you're studying my techniques, in an effort to enhance your own artistic abilities?

Yeah, that's probably it.

So I was visiting a friend a little while ago. He lives in a nice hot city, but when I checked the weather forecast for the weekend I was suppsoed to be there, it said nothing but storms. I was pretty bummed, but fortunately the forecast turned out to be total nonsense, because it was gorgeous all weekend. So we walked around, we enjoyed the city. We went on a boat. We drank some drinks. It was good times.

I was feeling great about being active and healthy and outdoorsy - as normally I'm the "stay in and read/play video games/sit on the computer" type. But, when we got home and I checked myself out in the mirror, I noticed something horrifying.

That'll teach me for going outside.


  1. That actually happened to me once, except I wasn't wearing a purple top hat lol.
    Didn't take my sunglasses off for ages haha

  2. Lmao! The sunglasses tan strikes again.

  3. It´s really funny when someone falls sleep in the beach with their glasses. You can laugh the entire afternoon thinking of how he´s gonna end up...

  4. I thought it was the goofy purple hat :D

  5. The sun hmm, i saw that in a game once

  6. You should have worn a bigger hat! Maybe a sombrero!