Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hey everyone, welcome to my Blog! Basically I'm just going to discuss interesting things - either news items, or cool things I find online. Now I know lots of Blogs already do that, but hopefully there's room for one more.

One thing I plan to do differently is add comics to summarize my thoughts. That way, if people aren't in a reading mood but want to hear my thoughts, they can just read the comic instead! "Thought Comics!" =D

I warn you, I have no artistic skills. Hopefully that's part of the charm.

I may also ask for your thoughts on a certain issue, and draw them up in the next comment. Anyway, thanks for visiting, and I hope Thought Comics gets off the ground!

So, do you like the premise? Your thoughts?


  1. nice idea for a blog, honestly
    In fact, a lot of these paint comics turn out to be pretty cool half the time.
    Also, you might actually get good at paint from doing them!